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Grapeboard is the most advanced and Secure (I)IoT Edge Computing and Gateway Device available on the market. The board is a credit-card sized Secure Networking Communication Device, used in sensor gateways, communication hubs and secure edge devices. It is based on the NXP LS1012A, a 64-bit ARM® v8 network processor with network packet acceleration.

The board contains a single ARM® Cortex-A53 based processor running up to 1 GHz, a hardware packet forwarding engine and high-speed interfaces to deliver line-rate networking performance. Also, the module incorporates the same Trust Architecture and software compatibility of higher-tier QorIQ LS family devices, enabling scalable, secure applications that leverage a common 64-bit software platform.

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Technical characteristics

Key features
Single core 64-bit ARM™ Cortex®-A53 core running up to 1GHz
2x 1GbE and M.2 connector (SATA/PCIe/USB 3.0)
High-performance Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA)
Integrated security engine (SEC)
QorIQ® Trust Architecture and ARM™ TrustZone
Temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
Long term availability >10 years
Other features
WiFi (b/g/n) & BT (4.0)
PI+ header (I2C, UART, SPI SDHC)
2x USB 3.0
Reset / Factory Default switch
Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE)
Cryptography acceleration (SEC)
1GB DDR3L (512Mx16) – (MT41K512M16)
512 Mbyte NOR Flash (MT25QU512ABB3E)
MicroSD support
Security features
Secure Boot
Secure Storage
Key Protection
Key Revocation
Secure Debug
Tamper Detection
Virtualization & Strong Partitioning
Manufacturing protection



  • Network Attached Storages (NAS)
  • Personal Storage
  • Wireless Personal Storage


  • Micro Firewall
  • Security Gateway
  • Enterprise Access Point


  • Broadband Home Router
  • Mobile Broadband Router
  • Small Business Router


  • Media Gateway
  • Consumer Wireless Access Point
  • Integrated Services


Grapeboard supports Ubuntu and Yocto based Linux distributions, which allows it to be easily used both by enthusiasts and industrial companies. Microsoft Azure and AWS Greengrass make it possible to extend connectivity and use a cloud infrastructure of your choice. Create low-power high-performance networking solutions for a wide variety of projects.

Our customized software can be found in the Scalys GIT repositories.

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Our high-class engineering team will help you with getting a unique hardware solution which suits your specific expectations and meets your business goals in full.

In addition to a module customization we can assist with the design of addon boards and carriers, embedded software development and building complex electronic systems.

If you already have some thoughts or just need some additional information, please dont’t hesitate, and contact us on the email address info@scalys.com.


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